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A Green Factory and to be a dependable strategic partner to our valued Customers

We Provide The Best Product Since 2012

At Linktex Sportswear Ltd., we have a well-defined process that ensures efficient and seamless operations, allowing us to deliver high-quality sportswear products to our customers.

  • Systematic.
  • 100% Export Oriented.
  • Knitting, Garments & Printing.
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Principle of LinkTex Sportswear Ltd.

12+ Years of Experience in Textile Industry

Best Quality Standards

"Maintaining best quality standards in the garment industry involves meticulous attention to detail at every stage of production, from sourcing materials to final inspection. Implementing robust quality control measures ensures that garments meet stringent criteria for durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, ultimately satisfying customer expectations and enhancing brand reputation."

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

"Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that you purchase meets the highest quality standards, or we'll gladly provide a full refund or exchange. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're committed to ensuring that you're delighted with every aspect of your garment shopping experience."

Quality Control System

"A robust Quality Control System is essential to ensure that each product meets stringent quality standards and customer expectations. By implementing rigorous inspection processes at every stage of production, from sourcing materials to final packaging, garment manufacturers can minimize defects and uphold their reputation for delivering high-quality products to consumers."

Commitment to Customers

"Our commitment to customers extends beyond delivering products; it encompasses ensuring unparalleled quality, timely delivery, and responsive customer service. Through continuous innovation and a steadfast dedication to meeting their evolving needs, we strive to foster lasting partnerships built on trust and satisfaction."

Highly Professional Team

"We are meticulously crafted by a highly professional team dedicated to precision and excellence, ensuring each piece meets the highest standards of quality and design. With years of expertise and a passion for perfection, our team brings unparalleled skill and dedication to every step of the garment production process."

Global fabrics Collections

"Global Fabrics Collections offers a diverse range of high-quality textiles tailored for Us, sourced from around the world to meet the demands of fashion-forward consumers. With an emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and craftsmanship, our collections inspire designers and manufacturers to create exceptional garments that resonate with global trends and values."



Shadul Azam

Managing Director

"As the Managing Director of Linktex Sportswear Ltd., I am honored to share my experiences and impressions about this exceptional company. Linktex is a leading player in the sportswear industry, and I am proud to lead such a dynamic and forward-thinking organization."

Sujan Chandra Shaha

Cost Analyst

"As a Cost Analyst at LinkTex, I meticulously analyze and optimize our cost structures to enhance profitability and ensure efficient allocation of resources. I provide strategic recommendations to support informed decision-making and drive cost-effective operations."

Atikul Islam Tushar

Msc. in Softwear Engineering

"As a software engineer, I thrive on solving complex problems and building innovative solutions that drive technological advancements. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for coding, I continuously strive to improve my skills and contribute to projects that make a meaningful impact."


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